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Squadron Leader Veer Pratap Singh is a rescue pilot with the Indian Air Force, who risks his own life to save the lives of others. One day, on duty, he comes across a stranded Zaara... a girl from Pakistan. Zaara, a carefree, sprightly girl has come to India to fulfill her surrogate mother's dying wish. She meets with a bus accident leaving her stranded in a foreign land.

Veer saves her life... and his life is never the same again... Twenty-two years later, Saamiya Siddiqui, a Pakistani lawyer on her first case, finds herself face-to-face with an ageing Veer Pratap Singh. He has languished in a Pakistan jail cell for 22 years and has not spoken to anyone all these years - and no one knows why.

Her mission is to discover the truth about Veer and see to it that justice is served. And thus starts her journey to unveil the truth... the story of Veer and his life...

Why has Veer been silent for 22 years?
Why is he in a jail in Pakistan?
Where is Zaara?
What happened to her?
God has written the destinies of Veer and Zaara, such that they can never be joined together. Saamiya has come to change that... to join Veer and Zaara together... forever...

Veer-Zaara is not an ordinary story - it is a Love Legend... Veer and Zaara's love legend. This is a saga of love, separation, courage and sacrifice. A love that is divine, a love that is whole-hearted, a love that is completely consuming, a love that grows with separation, deepens with sacrifice.

A love that is an inspiration... and will remain a legend forever.

this romance film directed by Yash Chopra. The movie stars Shahrukh Khan, Preity Zinta and Rani Mukerji in the leading roles, with Kirron Kher, Divya Dutta and Anupam Kher in supporting roles. Veteran actors Amitabh Bachchan and Hema Malini make special appearances in the film. The dialogues were written by Aditya Chopra.

The music is based on old and untouched compositions by the late Madan Mohan, as revised by his son, Sanjeev Kohli. Lyrics were contributed by Javed Akhtar.

Yash Raj Music also released complete background music of Veer-Zaara, this being a rarity. The CD was titled The Love Legend Themes - Instrumental.

The famous playback singer Lata Mangeshkar sang most of the songs. She used to sing with Madan Mohan, so there was a special poignancy to her contributions. According to Yash Chopra, upon coming for the recording, with tears in her eyes, Mangeshkar told him, "Madan Mohan was like my brother. You [Chopra] are like my brother. I feel I have gone back in past". Other singers: Jagjit Singh, Udit Narayan, Sonu Nigam, Gurdas Mann, Roop Kumar Rathod, Ahmed and Mohhamed Hussain, appeared in the soundtrack.


Directed by
Written by
  • Shahrukh Khan - Veer Pratap Singh
  • Preity Zinta - Zaara Haayat Khan
  • Rani Mukerji - Saamiya Siddiqui
  • Kirron Kher - Mariam Hayaat Khan
  • Divya Dutta - Shabbo
  • Boman Irani - Jahangir Hayaat Khan
  • Anupam Kher - Zakir Ahmed
  • Amitabh Bachchan - Chaudhary Sumer Singh/Bauji (Guest Appearance)
  • Hema Malini - Saraswati Kaur/Maati (Guest Appearance)
  • Zohra Sehgal - Bebe
  • Manoj Bajpai - Raza Shirazi
  • Gurdas Mann - Guest Appearance
Music by
  • Madan Mohan
  • Sanjeev Kohli
Tere Liye - Lata Mangeshkar & Roop Kumar Rathod
Main Yahan Hoon - Udit Narayan
Aisa Des Hai Mera - Lata Mangeshkar, Udit Narayan, Gurdas Mann & Pritha Majumdar
Yeh Hum Aa Gaye Hain Kahan - Lata Mangeshkar & Udit Narayan
Do Pal - Lata Mangeshkar & Sonu Nigam
Kyun Hawa - Lata Mangeshkar & Sonu Nigam
Hum To Bhai Jaise - Lata Mangeshkar
Aaya Tere Dar Par - Ahmed Hussain & Mohd. Hussain
Lodi - Lata Mangeshkar, Udit Narayan & Gurdas Mann
Tum Paas Aa Rahe Ho - Jagjit Singh & Lata Mangeshkar
Jaane Kyon - Lata Mangeshkar

Release date(s) 12 November 2004


Kiran Khan said...

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Priyanka said...

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